[MR] Marriott Rewards New Elite Benefit – Late Checkout



드디어 메리엇 리워즈도 레잇체크아웃 혜택을 엘리트 멤버 베네핏에 추가 했네요.

실버 멤버의 경우 레잇 체크아웃 요청이 가능이고,
골드 및 플랫 멤버는 오후 4시 레잇 체크아웃 보장 입니다.(리조트, MVC 제외)

Guaranteed Late Checkout: Gold and Platinum members may check out as late as 4 p.m. This benefit is guaranteed at all hotels, except at resort and convention hotels, where it is based upon availability. Marriott Vacation Club is excluded from this benefit.



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