[SixT] 렌트카 멤버쉽 골드, 플랫 등급 받는 방법

SixT 는… 전세계(한국포함)에서 영업 중인 글로벌 렌트카 회사 입니다.

멤버쉽은 무료이며…. 일반 등급은 그냥 가입 가능하십니다.
하지만… 호텔 또는 항공사에서 elite 회원이신 분들은…
몇몇 국가의 개별 SixT 홈페이지에서 SixT 의 골드 또는 플랫 회원 가입을 하실 수 있습니다.
(SixT 대표 사이트인 sixt.com 에서는 골드까지만 가입 가능)

SixT 골드 가입 조건 –
하얏 플랫, 힐튼 골드, SPG 골드, 델타 실버 등… 호텔, 항공사 멤버쉽 중위 티어 멤버
가입 링크: http://www.sixt.mn/en/goldencard_more.php

SixT 플랫 가입 조건 –
하얏 다이아, 힐튼 다이아, SPG 플랫, 델타 골드이상 등…. 호텔, 항공사 멤버쉽 상위 티어 멤버
가입 링크: http://www.sixt.mn/en/platiniumcard_more.php

SixT 골드 혜택 –

  • No Rental Formalities:
    Your personal data is stored behind the card, no waiting time at the arrival location and easy payment due to your stored credit card information.
  • Low Self Service rates:
    Ask about special rates when booking or have your company rates stored.
  • Up to 10%* discount on Sixt rent a car and Sixt rent a truck.
  • 20% discount on Sixt limousine service in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. 10% in other countries.
  • For each rental with Sixt, collect valuable:
    Miles with our airline partners
    Points with our hotel partners
  • SixtMobile with no limits: Mobile, PDA, iPhone, Blackberry, Android:
    With the SixtMobile application you can reserve you car anytime, anywhere. Additional information available under Mobile reservation.
  • Sixt flexi-rent:
    Long-term commercial vehicle rentals at very competitive prices – a cross between contract hire and daily rental, combining the best parts of both products.
  • Preferred Mobility:
    Forgot to book your rental car? No problem. Sixt prioritizes your reservation when calling up to 48 hours prior to your rental start.
  • Sixt Quick-Check-In:
    rent your car directly at the Sixt Quick-Check-In machine. The only requirement for this service is that a reservation must have already been made.
  • Sixt Mobile-Check-In:
    With or without a reservation – choose a car and close the rental agreement by phone – on arrival go directly to the key safe.
  • 24h -Sixt Assistance:
    In case of an accident or breakdown, we provide assistance free of charge and provide a substitute car if needed.
  • The Sixt Platinum Card offers you even more advantages, which you can receive after having at least 20 rentals in a year.

SixT 플랫 회원은… 골드 혜택 + 지정 카운터 이용, 35% 할인, 업글 등… 추가 혜택이 있습니다.

델타 마일 적립하시는 분들은 델타 링크로 예약 하시면 추가 마일 적립이 가능 합니다.
링크: http://partner.sixt.de/delta/reservations-and-promotions/rent-a-car/?L=1

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